Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Beginning

Hello there i am back again, oh well i've been a lack blogger because of my college that i couldn't help it. I can't have so much free time for doing blogging and i still searching someone who want to be my private photographer because i am really shy when i been shots for someone i don't really comfortable with. Maybe some of you been questioning why i've been so lack and always college life for my excuses, well it is really busy with my college life i need to concept from the beginning until i make it into some products for final test. The concept is not just a concept, you need to make an appointment to lectures to tell your progress how far did you go and of course to get the grades. 

By the happy new year 2014 all of you who reading this! I know it's kinda too late and this is the first post on January. I hope from today i will make blog more enjoyable for you readers :)
I've been really in love with shades of blue, all kind of blue! and blue is my favorite color so far.. so yes i mix this blue bag with baby blue pants. I hope from now i can be post more often i really enjoying blogging but shoot for the photos really need a spare time and enjoyable, too bad i'm bad for doing the spare time. Oh I forgot to tell you, notice my new hair? yes i dyed it with color rockabilly blue from manic panic but it don't really turn out so well but i really love the result. so what do you think? Yay or nay? let me know fashion people :)
here's the detail of my new hair :3
Hat - Bershka
Blazer, Shirt - Pasar Senen, Vintage
Blue pants - Zara
Blue bag - Unbranded 
Hologram shoes - forgot the brand :p

xoxo, Jessica