Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Atmosphere

Do you know Gogirl Passion Expo? well this event is actually a really fun, smart, and passionate i think. Yes because this event held some seminar and workshop that i join it. It is educating yet smart and fun too. And also i buy a book by Nina Moran about behind the scene to make Gogirl magazine from the start, it is good to know that the power of three sisters really made an amazing job to build their own magazine. So i learn a lot in this event plus i got some new friends again from blogger atmosphere! yeaaay :D

So these are the shots that i took, and sorry i forgot to took the shot around Gogirl Passion Expo because i was too busy to shop huehehe..

Nina Moran as moderator, and the three influence in writing world! 
the most creative booth i think! because it is all from handcrafting :)
meet new friends, her name is Sarah Tobing and usually called Sartob from the blog
oh i adore her shoes! it's glowing :3
meet Steffi again yaaay! 
Vina Bahri and Monicha Nelis! happy to meet new friends again :D

What I Wore :
Flower Blazer - Thrifted
Red Blouse - Mom's
Ocean Legging - Wellborn Company
Boots - New Look
Cat Eyewear - buy from one of the booth in Gogirl Expo forgot the name

xoxo, Jessica