Monday, October 7, 2013

Good Atmosphere

Do you know Gogirl Passion Expo? well this event is actually a really fun, smart, and passionate i think. Yes because this event held some seminar and workshop that i join it. It is educating yet smart and fun too. And also i buy a book by Nina Moran about behind the scene to make Gogirl magazine from the start, it is good to know that the power of three sisters really made an amazing job to build their own magazine. So i learn a lot in this event plus i got some new friends again from blogger atmosphere! yeaaay :D

So these are the shots that i took, and sorry i forgot to took the shot around Gogirl Passion Expo because i was too busy to shop huehehe..

Nina Moran as moderator, and the three influence in writing world! 
the most creative booth i think! because it is all from handcrafting :)
meet new friends, her name is Sarah Tobing and usually called Sartob from the blog
oh i adore her shoes! it's glowing :3
meet Steffi again yaaay! 
Vina Bahri and Monicha Nelis! happy to meet new friends again :D

What I Wore :
Flower Blazer - Thrifted
Red Blouse - Mom's
Ocean Legging - Wellborn Company
Boots - New Look
Cat Eyewear - buy from one of the booth in Gogirl Expo forgot the name

xoxo, Jessica

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Sun Sun Flowers

Hello there again! Well my fifth semester is already begin and i'm going to be a busy person again since it will a lot of fashion project that i must finish it to reach a good score.. Phew and this semester i'm going to make a costume art and performance project! Wish me luck! 

So i went to Indonesia Fashion Care or called INFARE at f(x) Sudirman. Too bad i didn't took some photos for the review because i forgot geez...forgive me. Well the most important thing i went to this event because i want to meet up with my blogger fellow Bertha and Lulut, but unfortunately Lulut wasn't there because she must going to where for her business . :(( next time we will meet up ya luut ;) 

So this is what i wore today! And thanks to Bertha for took the photos hehe :) 

Shirt - TOSAVICA, Skirt - Unbranded, Bag & Socks - Pull & Bear, Boots, New Look  
We were like a dating couple because there's only both of us... 
Sorry for my selca because i'm feeling happy right now because my dentist said i can took of the braces soo yes i'm no longer wearing braces again! Yeaaay :D 

xoxo, Jessica

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Duo (Blogger Meet Up)

Hello worlds long time not posting anything... I mean i really like gone in blogger world and it because i keep being busy and busy and busy, no i don't want to looks like i'm a full time business people it just my tasks on latest semester really hectic plus i took some french course. So i don't really have a free time to take some of outfit post even i really missed it by the way :'). And now it will begin the new semester and as i predicted that it will be a busy semester (again) wish me luck! But i went better on the latest semester i hope next semester will be more better.

Anyway last month i met Steffi Santa from The Daydreamer you know this girl right? the vintage-ish chic sweet girl.. tee hee i don't know why but i love her personality when i had conversation with her and also her outfits so much! she just a really sweet girl it represent on her style. I am looking forward to meet her again before my semester is starting, anyone in Bandung let's meet up together! :D

 Floral Blazer - Thrifted (Gedebage), stripe shirt and maroon jeans - unbranded, floral shoes - Popflats, bag - prada but not real prada meeh..

I don't know what happens with our eyes -__-" mind for it people.
really adore her style, everything she wore i really love it and i want to steal it arrghh.. kidding steeff :p
yayayaya enough said i really love this sweater :3 :3
Okay people see you on the next post! i hope i can have more free time to post my outfits since i really confuse to choose my own photographer because i can't do it on tripod again, i am very shy if i take some photos in public place with my own tripod.. anyone want to do it freely for me? tee hee :p

P.S maybe there's one giveaway! just stay tune :p


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Violets or Blue (FEATURED on Gogirl Magazine 8th Anniversary)

Hello readers, been awhile not updating my blog because my hectic college. It is and now i'm in the mood for posting again. Well hopefully this semester not really hectic like the last one and i can manage my time so i can posting more often.. I hope and I wish.... :) So how's your day? mine is very good and very well tho so far. I just went to my home like 3 days ago and in the mood to shopping alone in Plaza Indonesia and this my yesterday outfit actually. 

Blouse - Cotton Bell , Floral Outwear - Thrifted, Houndstooth Pants - ITC Mangga Dua, Boots - Forever 21
So yes last month i got featured on Gogirl Magazine 8th Anniversary in Rated Stylish (again) and with another 7 fashion blogger you might well known, i don't want to mention it because i know you guys already know it right? especially i'm beside my inspiration blogger Sonia Eryka >.< 

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Jessica Paramartha