Tuesday, September 18, 2012


hello again readers, now this post about reviewing and about Putri Soe giveaway. her own brand BLANCTERIA is the most addictive brand i've ever know, because i love most of all the collections. I think Putri really genius on designing, because what i looking for always there.

for now because Putri Soe is holding her giveaway with prizes MAP Voucher and win Andy Short from her own brand BLANCTERIA, so i will try my luck here and i hope i can win it :p

do try your luck guys, maybe fortune will pick you :)
here's the rules from Putri Soe and the prizes:

also BLANCTERIA have competition via twitter called #LOVEisBLANC. click here for know more about joining the competition 

Mabel Dress In Black the one i wanted so bad! so vintage and timeless right? :3
good luck for everyone and me too :) we compete hahaha..

cheers, Jessica

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dskon Fashion Portal! click Dskon.com

Olla readers! how's your day and your activities? I wish you have good and nice activities, mine is actually good and a lil bit busy so that's why i'm not posting for a while. You know i need to taking care for new college students on my campus later, that's my activity for now. :)

So this is not an outfit post, this is about Fashion Portal website called Dskon.com. This website really help me for finding me what's happening now on fashion, for shopping, and get know the review product(s) on some fashion store, really help me a lot!

Why I said it really help me? First, I know what's on trend like now is Fall 2012, you can go straight to Dskon Blog so yes you can find what's happening on Fashion now :D

For now i really exciting for found this Article : Fall 2012 Trend Loose Trousers, it really match what i'm searching for lately plus the mix and match idea really really help me a lot! 

Second, I can shop and find cool stores easily on Dskon Fashion Portal! (see the picture below) easy huh? you know girls always can't hold their shop instinct. am I right readers? ;)

soo what are you waiting for readers? Shop till drop and find what's happening on Fashion. i bet you will love this website and become your favorite website! psst... i already Bookmarked Dskon.com ^^

xoxo, Jessica