Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FAB(ulous) Skinny

just got an email to contribute about fashion against bully, so yes i will make a confession i get bully when i was a kid till now... yes till now.. but now i'm more tough but back then i really worry and feel ashamed for having a SKINNY body. yes i never being fat even i eat like an elephant (this is the truth) till now. you guys really don't know when i very often eat chocolate, ice cream, noodles, and others food in the middle of the night that i think it will gain my weight but seems all of them are no use so i decided to give up. but still till now i still eat like an elephant hehe.. yes i eats cake, chocolate, ice cream, and other sweet things with no worry about my weight! yes that's the benefit from my body and i just being grateful to Allah :)

so here's the photos that i took to contribute the Fashion Against Bullying, and I'm super love with my body and guys don't be not confident because of your body, just eat healthy and be grateful yet BE FABULOUS! 

DIY tee fringe and cut out on shoulders
did something different, adding the galaxy thingy :3
DIY Tee - made by myself
green collar - CURIOUS
bodycon skirt - unbranded
lenon glasses - unbranded
peep toe wedges - Misschic 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Warm Atmosphere

outfit post again people? hope you are not bored with it :) 
helped my friend for their photography assignment (yes it's different assignment than before), became a model for their photoshoot (again) with vintage concept and it's sooo ME! *happy* i would love to helped them. thanks for the great shots and the result they got A from their lecturer yayness! this assignment was for final assignment in our final exam. thank goodness my friends got A :)

well it's pretty hot when took the photoshoot but it was FUN! :D

Boater Hat - unbranded
Onyx Collar Jacket - Macaroons Closet
Polkadot Blue Dress - Pasar Senen
Bag - Pasar Senen
Platform Shoes - GraceetMercy

Saturday, June 9, 2012


sooo this post is about my college assignment actually, this assignment about making a magazine and my class (of course the Fashion Design class) choose to make a Fashion Magazine. so i'm being participated to be a model for photoshoot for this magazine with some of my friends. the theme is about Rebel. well our outfit is about borrow to borrow each other haha, since i didn't bring any outfit that day but we're had fun. well enough said maybe you'll enjoy this post! 

some craziness from us lol >.<

we look like a girlband don't we? -,- 

sorry for some of blurry photos :) 

P.S my birthday is about 1 month to go! i'll make a giveaway so stay tune :)