Saturday, May 26, 2012

Captain America

hello guys, how's your day? good or bad? i bet it's a good. well today i pick the title of this post is Captain America, well it's not mention that i like Captain America but actually i like Iron Man a.k.a Mr. Stark, still felt the atmosphere about The Avengers movie. okay focus for this post, actually i pick the title because maybe the title represent the America atmosphere from my jacket. and you know what i pick this America jacket from thrift store and only IDR 10.000 or maybe only 1 US$, such a lucky isn't it? felt soo happy for founded this jacket.

the top actually i bought from Nassi Goreng Keju store, such an unique brand name and the owner is Yonas Indrajaya. i love this top sooo much feel really comfy when i wore it, thanks to Yonas. go check out his brand guys, i bet you will love it! promise :) 

loooooooooooooveee this combat boots! <3 :3

and by the way my blogger readers has just reached into 200 readers on GFC. wow thank you so much guys! i'm so blessed and i'm truly sorry for being a bad blogger and late blogger. :( hope you always enjoy my posts :). maybe i will held a giveaway, don't you guys want it so bad? tell me your opinion about this.

Printed Color Top - Nassi Goreng Keju
USA Jacket - Thrifted
Dreamcatcher - forgot the brand
Bag - Envywear
Jeans - Unbranded
Combat Boots - Thrifted

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shiny at Trademark

hello people sorry for the late post (again) i'm super busy lately, doing my project for JFFF (Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival) costume carnival contest and also my clothing brand CRU. But the contest already over and yeah my group didn't win but i really had so many cool experience when prepared the JFFF contest also on the show too. we will try our luck again next year with cool concept and cool costume yeaaah :D 

so this post is about Trademark Bandung, Bandung people know what i'm talking about. well this event is about clothing brands that sale their stuff in one place, cool fashion people are hanging around here. i shopped a lot when the last day of Trademark, why? because they added more discount everywhere hahaha *devillaugh* 

so many photos in this post, maybe you're curious what's inside Trademark. also because i won the Auburn and Ginger FashBlogGiveaway and pick this gold legging and wear it to Trademark, shiny right? yes i love to be people attention :p i don't care if people comment like you're so dangdut, pfft i'm just wear what i wear, what i think it would be cool enough for me also comfortable for me. Thank you so much for Auburn and Ginger for gave me a chance to win yeay :D.

it's bigger than before, because it's 2nd floor

this is the ABOCS booth, from Cath Soepadhi. (i bet you know who she is)

Cupcake and Rainbow Cake from Pompidou Sweets and Savoury. (a must try guys! these are super delicious)

leather jacket - unbranded
shirt - thrifted
gold legging - Auburn and Ginger 
stella black - UP shoes

P.S : i just launched the very first mini collection of my clothing brand CRU. do click the picture to look the whole collection. if you want to order just email to