Wednesday, April 18, 2012


hello fellas, how's your day good or not? well i've been really busy lately because i will launch my first own brand (do wait for the first launch, especially Bandung people), and two i will join a Jakarta Food and Festival Fashion on Mei and i join the fashion art wear parade sooo yes i've been busy to make the design with my group. Hope my group can win it and our works will be totally worth it! amiiin :)

and to be honored my friend Khilfan and Salsa wanted me to be her and his model for their task. Their task is about fashion photography soo yeah they trusted me to be their model and will be have a good photos for them...well i hope so :) and thank you for trusting me that i have a good sense of fashion friends! secondly i won the Fashion Tag of the Month by Gogirl! yaaay so happy to when i hear that news and the present are really useful for me the college girl :p thank you so much Gogirl! really honored :')

so you know detachable collar is happening right now, and i just knew Steffi Santa from the Daydreamer has launched her first collar design from her little brand Mademoiselle, check them out girls i know you will love it much! and these photo i'm not wearing any of them but i wore from CURIOUS brand, the Caroline black one. love the design so much because it is very vintage ya knooooow hahaha :D

eh by the way i've changed my banner do you like it or not? or you like the old one? but i think this one is really who i am. don't you agree guys? :)

photographed by Khilfan Khabriyan 
edited by Khilfan Khabriyan

blue bowler hat - Bandung Indah Plaza 
detachable collar - Curious
red sweater - Pull & Bear
assymetrical skirt - Mochabella's Corner
Polly Black - UP wedges

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring/Summer 2012 collection from PYT and moDIfy

hello guys sorry for not updating (again) because i was sick last week and got busy with my college too many assignment that i must do. well now i'm not posting my look for a while but i'm going to review 2 local brands from my 2 friends, for man also women fashion.

first is Pretty Young Things a brand from my friends Fransiska Eka Valentina and her friend Nike Andriana , they just launched the Spring/Summer 2012 collection called Play/Work. inspired from independent women to the the next level of fashion. the color are neutral and some are bold, and also some bold prints too.










Celebrating bold, fearless, and independent woman, Pretty Young Things present a collection that inspired by them. Offering a new look for independent woman to take her look to the next level. We are taking different choice colours of Spring/Summer 2012.
Clear, base colours, and bold print. Honey and sandstone offer a neutral break from the colour festivities of S/S 2012.
Sugary shades on sweet pastels pieces are the order of this collection.

cool huh? i love the Rae shirt and Nebula shirt, but too bad i didn't have enough money to buy but you guys should order some! and for bandung people you guys can buy their stuff at loubelle shop. yeay! :D
follow @shopatpyt and get 10% discount! double happy huh? :)

second from my friend Helmy Hazairin (@Qumieee) and his friend Ryan Sofyan, the brand called moDIfy. the theme of this brand is young, vintage, limited, and tailored. They are just launched the collection of Spring/Summer 2012 on last March called March:Travelouge.

well i really love this collection, you know why? because the designs was very rare to find and cool enough to wear, i tell you something i really love the tiger nebula tank. for man fashion you can be stylish in one second because yeah you know the shirts, the blazer, the tank, all of them are really COOL to buy and worth to buy also wear! i really mean it guys. if i were a boy i will buy ALL OF THEM. haha okay i'm overreacting. enough said. go follow @modify_ and get special discount too, for more info ask my friend @Qumieee :)

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