Monday, March 5, 2012

Velvet + Turban

hello sorry for not updating for a while, yeah my new semester already started and i'm so enjoyed so much. i move my faculty from Design Communication Visual into Fashion Design but still in the same campus. And met new friends and they are so cool to hanging out with. why i move? well you know i've always been so crazy about fashion, and i want to learn more about fashion, become fashion designer or creative designer (amiiin) since i want to build a new brand with my friend so i must learn it from basic. 

so finally i've bought this assymetrical skirt that i wanted it from a long ago (okay it's kinda overreact) and i wear a DIY turban from vintage scarf that i bought at Pasar Senen. don't u guys want to know the tutorial to make a turban  like i did? 

okay this is the vintage scarf that i told you before, and this peace galaxy necklace was from ENIGMA's brand. yeah my friend Helmy, the mand behind enigma's brand on my latest post :)
DIY turban - Vintage scarf from Pasar Senen
Velvet tank - Cap a Pie
Assymetrical skirt - Online shop (forgot the brand)
Pandora Nude - UP shoes