Thursday, February 16, 2012

Good Weather

hello peoples how's your week? busy or not? well mine isn't but i'm too lazy to post anything here.. sorry about that -,- . by the way i met my friend Helmi, people behind Enigma's brand. yeah i planned to meet him a long month ago but time can't let us to meet until i met him a week ago i think.. he's such a really nice person, and he share anything to me about fashion! really glad to met him, and also we do some photoshoot together near his house.  his house have a really amazing scenery to take photos. jealous on him !

well let see what we wore, and you know what guys, this man really stylish from head to toe. i really mean it!! hehe..

so yes i've been changed my banner. how about it guys? do guys like it? tell me bout it :)

he took our photos that day! yes my boyfriend Aldi :) 
i wore :
rainbow head band - thrift store
flower dress - thrift store
belt - unbranded 
black tights - unbranded
vintage shoes - Quirky Queenzy