Thursday, September 8, 2011

Party Summer LUAU by The Goods Dept Store

i've been invited by The Goods Dept for attending the Summer LUAU Party, i came with my friends Allysa because i got a pair of bracelet, we're having fun so much on there.. but something that i never thought and because i never came to the exclusive party i am a really really a newbie for something like this (re: come to the exclusive party)

they're served some fruit punch with options fruit like strawberry, kiwi, and grape which is very very delicious drink, but when i want to get some fruit punch the bartender ask me "want mix it with some vodka?" and i never thought that was a vodka, i thought it was a sugar and i don't understand what the bartender say because he is like mumbling -.- and when i sniffed the glass, the smell isn't good and i became suspicious then i checked the bottle, what has been mixed into my glass by the bartender was? and i realized that the bottle reads "ABSOLUTE VODKA" dang!!! i asked the bartender reflexes to replace my glass with ice without mix some vodka.. i'm very embarrassed and felling guilty to the bartender, but then he's replacing my glass as i asked before.. fiuuuh but still i'm so embarrassed -___-"

well next time i must be careful to choose some food or drinks ;)

this spaghetti was really really delicious dish!!! 
cool quote!

the fruit punch

my look of that day, i'm sorry i'm in a rush so i don't have a chance to took some photo
turquoise shawl (as cardigan) - Cotton Ink
flower blouse - Pasar Senen
vintage belt - Pasar Gedebage
red midi pleated skirt - Pasar Senen
cheryl hobo navy bag - Mayonette
jane grey wedges - IWEARUP

Monday, September 5, 2011

Forgive Me

hello guys how are you! i'm sorry (again) for late updating my blog, i'm so lazy to take some photo when i'm doing fasting.. because lately the weather is so hot, really hot and i still hoping (until now) that will come heavy rain! because the weather is hot and i'm fasting last month, you know i better doing nothing than losing my energy.. lol! but i am really sorry about this guys, i am a bad blogger *sigh*

i wish i can posting more often! yes i wish because i really don't know if i'm doing my task from college i will get a chance to post my outfit on my blog or not.. really really don't know but i hope i always updating my blog ;)
(sorry i think my english bad, please correct me if i'm wrong) 

by the way HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1432 H everyone for those who are celebrated :) forgive all my mistakes whether intentional or unintentional, forgive me for being a bad blogger guys :)
this one picture edited by me, not so amazing or something like that but i think it was good enough! happy eid mubarak again everyone! 

also this is my daily look! and you know what the pink outer blouse is my first DIY project yay! haha i bought this shirt at Pasar Senen (the best thrift store in Indonesia i think) and because i'm bored with the model, then i cut the front of the shirt until it looks like a cropped model but i leaving few material so i can tied the shirt just like these photo.. and TADA! super cool right? :) 

the close up look from me :) HELLO PEOPLE!!! I LOVE YOU! 
love these rings so much. kinda cool! am i right?
beanie black hat - Naughty
Pink Shirt (as outerwear) - Pasar Senen
girl t-shirt (inner) - ITC Kuningan
grey socks - Sox Galeri
peep toe black wedges - Misschic

P.S : next week i will move to Bandung for doing my college and i'm gonna miss my family in Jakarta and Bekasi also all my friends too.. hard to leaving but i must go on for my better future.. wish me luck for my college guys!!! hopefully my dream to be a fashion photographer/model will become reality! AMIIN O:)