Friday, July 29, 2011


hello guys i will announce the winner of my very first giveaway!!!

the winner iiiiiiisss... *drum roll please*

1. Mitha Komala winning the gun ring
2. Bertha Wahyudi winning the camera ring
3. Mita Adindayu winning the camera ring

yeaaaay congratulations guys, all of your point are bigger than anyone else.. CONGRATS CONGRATS CONGRATS!!

should check out your email, i send the email to ask your home address and your phone, and thank you so much for all who are join it this giveaway, i really really appreciate it!!

see you on next giveaway guys! keep reading my blog! LOVE YA :)))

Two Tone Turbanizer

just received some package and one of them are from L&K, i bought this two tone maxi outerwear! i'm in love with the color so much.. and i mixed this with very simple outfit i think, because if i mixed too much it will become a disaster i think, don't you agree guys?? oh yeah whatever.. and also i receive this minis vintage bag from online shop, very cute huh? :)


by the way i've been so sad this week which means very very sad, i lost my mom's flazz card (like debit card but more easy to pay on some store who applied this card) and got some trouble with my ex boyfie S, and yes i broke up with him so saad.. but i really sad if i keep the relationship goes, okey i think i don't have to tell the detail of the broken heart problem..

but now i'm a little bit happy now, my mom forgive me yaay alhamdulillah.. (because i felt guilty and not being a responsible person because of this and it made me very very bad person) and she give me an advice to be a responsible for next time and i will mom! i want you to trust me hehe.. wish me luck :)

by the way Paramore new song "Monster" is my new favorite song right now and of course the video too, i'm too excited because they will come to Jakarta on 19th August and guess what i will watch their concert!! yaynesss.. :D :D

P.S : the giveaway will be closed tomorrow, hurry up guys, more tweet more bigger chance :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


just a quick post before i sleep, got nothing to do haha (like always) well wearing this oversize giraffe blouse that i found at Pasar Senen, looks so big and so oversize for me, but i think my body not so tiny (or thin maybe) for wearing this blouse...

sorry for bad quality picture

and do you recognize what shoes that i've been wearing? yes that's my Stella Black from IWEARUP, yep yep i bet you know about IWEARUP right! haha.. those shoes on iwearup website are really really make me drooling over, you know if i see this website, i always want to click shop then pick the shoes that i like it soooo much! (too bad i didn't have much money to buy it all T_T) 
and i am a big fan of IWEARUP shoes, why? because until now i have 6 pairs of iwearup shoes and now i'm waiting for Polly Black to arrive in front of my door house yippieeeeee.. look how cute she is right???? 

oh i want to tell you something because i want to filter my following on my twitter, to people who knows me with personally and want to knows me better you can follow my new twitter @paramarthaaa because in my old account there's so much strangers account that i don't know them with personally, because of some reasons i decided to deactivate my old twitter on 1st August later, you can follow my new twitter now or later it's your choice :) 

this is my new twitter account @paramarthaaa

and thank you so much for Nia for giving me an award for my blog, deeply thanks for this badge dear i really really appreciate this :) <3 <3 *hugs and kisses* 

P.S : you can still join my giveaway here guys! it will be closed on 1st August, so hurry up before the time runs out hehe :) <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

CeeHarvey 100 followers giveaway

sooo you try your luck on my first giveaway but i try my luck on CeeHarvey 100 followers giveaway hahahaha.. it's not  a problem right? i am so dying for those studded pants.. drooling over!!!

look at these picture

AWESOME RIGHT? i bet you agree with me! 

try your luck here too guys, and compete with me, it will closed on 1st August so hurry or be sorry :p 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Birthday Giveaway

as i told you on my previous post that i'm gonna give you a giveaway for my birthday right? well now i give you announcement, my very first birthday giveaway yayness :D :D

my first giveaway is present by Betsy Besties shop, they sale a lot of new/second stuff with good quality and also the accessories too! many cute accessories from there you know, it can boost up your style with perfectly! let's see their stuff here

look at this guys!

soooooo...want to win this camera ring and gun ring guys from Betsy Besties?
i will pick 3 lucky people who will win this 3 rings!

yep yep if you want to win this you must follow some of these rules :

1. follow my blog via google / bloglovin  
(don't worry for you who aren't have a blog, you can
 still join with type your name and your email address)

2. pick your favorite camera or gun ring and explain why you pick them

3. leave comment on this post with this format:
name, email address, your favorite 
ring from Betsy Besties w/ reason, your twitter.

Jessica Paramartha, jessica_paramartha (at) yahoo dot com,
 i love camera ring because it's so cute and it can
 boost up my style instantly (bla bla bla), @paramartha

for extra entries:

-  Add Betsy Besties as Friend on Facebook 

-  tweet this giveaway post on your twitter like this : 
   "Hello guys let's join @paramartha first giveaway here #phoskinnygiveaway" (don't forget to put the hashtag #phoskinnygiveaway)

- share this giveaway link on your blog or your facebook

don't forget to leave a comment everytime you tweet or share this giveaway link with your full name


"Jessica Paramartha : I've just add Betsy Besties as friend on my facebook"

"Jessica Paramartha : I've just posted this on blog"

"Jessica Paramartha : I've just tweeted this on my twitter"

P.S : please do leave a comment separately everytime you tweet or share or do some entry for the giveaway, for rule number 1, 2 and 3 have 2 entry point, and for extra entries have 1 entry point except you share on your blog it have 5 entry point, so tweet and share as much as you can for bigger chance to win this giveaway. 

the winners will be chosen for the biggest point and will announced on 30 July 2011 
and it is open for Indonesia reader's only sorry for the international reader's i will 
make a giveaway for international reader's on the next time


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

yellow in afternoon

took some picture for my blog and try new background hehe.. by the way my boyfie S took these picture below! (thank you so much S love yaaa!!) i planned to took some picture for my store but i really tired cause i just got home yesterday from bandung so i just took only 4 outfit for my store (psst.. new season will be uploaded on thursday guys, stay tune!) but i will continue tomorrow.. for next season you can add my store on facebook (click here) or like the fans page here

by the way as i told you before i will make my first giveaway about my birthday right? well maybe 1 or 2 next post i will share what i make about the giveaway, i still think about what stuff will i give to you guys! just wait and you'll see :D

semi cropped yellow top - Phoskinny's Stuff
vintage belt - thrift store
acid wash jeans - Phoskinny's Stuff
lola boots - june + julia

Saturday, July 16, 2011

be(late)d birthday

yes i'm 18 years old now! yaaayness :D

agree with this haha.. i won't grow old but i must right? 

this picture is funny but also tell the truth, so many notifications on my facebook from my friends blessing my birthday!
thank you soooooo much guys :D <3
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MEEEE!!! yeaaay! i know it's very late for my birthday post, actually my birthday was held on 11th July, yes it's very late isn't ? hmm but it's okay i didn't something important on my birthday haha.. just doing some lazy thing at my house with S ;p yes he's came to my house and brought me a birthday gift by his self, a homemade papercraft! it's very cute actually! sorry i didn't have the picture cause i'm out of the town right now, i'm at Bandung right now for registration my college and buying some stuff for my temporary house.

well back to topic now.. actually my birthday is not so special, but still special cause until now Allah always blessing my life for 18 years and i hope for a looooong life and i still have my mom and my family even my father has gone but i know he's always bless me for a good life :") very miss him but i only can pray to Allah for him.. love you papa! and alhamdulillah the people around me blessing me for my new age to be a better person for next time.. thank you guys! love ya :D :D

ooh maybe i will make a giveaway for my birthday post, do you agree if i make a giveaway? not so big giveaway but i will buy one or two stuff for the giveaway.. agree guys???

image courtsey : weheartit

Saturday, July 9, 2011

blue is my favorite color

like i told you on previous post i will wear a turban, but i think this is not a turban but a headband looks like a turban, maybe on my next post i'm wearing turban..

went to JakCloth an event from Fruit Tea company, this event always have a blast! so many people going on there and why it's a blast, it because this event only held once a year, this even was held in 3 days only.. from 8 July until 10 th July! soo this is the last day, and if you want to shopping with a cheap price this is the place for shopping! hehehe.. 

i will share what i bought from JakCloth and what's on in JakCloth on the next post..
this is my look when i was at JakCloth on 9 July..

blue headband - Thyo Pernik
long sleeve top - Kidnapped Ally 
studded necklace, aviator glasses - JakCloth
rock ring - Online Shop
blue highwaist short - Thrift Store
legging - unbranded
boots - Online Shop

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Turban Style

got inspiration from tumblr and wehearit.. well maybe my next post i'm wearing the head piece like these

by the way i love these song from LMFAO ft. Laura Bennet and Goon Rock with title Party Rock Anthem
the peoples on that video were shufflin, dunno but i think it's cool! the concept are cool!

but it kindly reminds me with the video of Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs and Dev with title Like A G6..
both of them are cool song right? :D


Giveaway agaiiiiiiiiin by Michelle Koesnadi and Sonia Eryka

first giveaway by Sonia Eryka (link here), she's giving a shopping voucher from Daniel Footwear and Chicwish

from her giveaway i love these shoes from Daniel Footwear

Daniel Tan Jnick Wedges (whoaaa i love this shoes because it looks like snick shoes from Jeffrey Campbell)
Daniel Black Jnick Wedges

Ash Black Lynn Ankle Boots (the design is edgy and bold! boost up my style instantly)

and from Chicwish i'm dying for these stuff :

Floral Crochet Shorts
Retro Sweet Crochet Shirt
Biking Through Santorini Vest

just join it and let's compete! or be sorry to not join it :p :D

second the giveaway from Michelle Koesnadi (link here), wanna know what give away from her?????
*drumroll playing* it is a 500 K GIFT VOUCHER FROM COTTON INK!!!!! really amazing huh? 

and want to know what i'm pleasing from Cotton Ink? i'm pleasing their Alexande Khaki Jacket!!! woot woot really really excited, this item is the most have item stuff!! look at the design, really cool right? especially the back detail aaaaah~ i'm melting *over drama* :p

come on guys! let's join it and compete with me hehehe... the giveaway really really worth it to be compete! cute stuff alert!!! :D
*pray to Allah* "hopefully i can win these giveaway amiiin" O:)