Thursday, June 30, 2011

zebra in my life

i am truly sorry for not updating my blog for a while, i've been busy last week even i can't take some picture for blog or updating my blog, you know i really miss my blog so much especially my lovely reader's whom always give me some comment.. i really really appreciate it :))
sorry for being a bad blogger *sigh* cause i have to do some photo editing for the band and take care of my online store..

finally i have a free time for updating my blog yayness.. really miss my blog :)
sooo i bought this zebra legging a few weeks ago from online shop, and yeah i totally in love with zebra print! anything if there is a zebra print i will buy it!! muahahaha...

ooh i almost forgot i bought this sweater from The Goods Dept by Nikicio collection NN:02 and got 50% discount yeaaaaay! very lucky  huh? :D :D

grey bowler hat - unbranded
off white sweater (NN:02) - NIKICIO 
zebra legging - online shop
lola boots - June + Julia

oh i am also featured again for winning fashion tag of the week by Gogirl Magazine, really really shock when i know about this! so happy, surprised, and feeling sooo lucky for this month... alhamdulillah *tears of joy* :')

hopefully i can be a fashion tag of the month! amiin O:) 
my outfit for the fashion tag of the week in this post 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color Block

trying my new tangerine pleated flare pants from Cloche Cloche it really nice material and design! looovee this so much... :)
oh ya mixed this with my red blazer gifted from my boyf <3 love this blazer so much because it soooo vintage hehe (i am a vintage addict) so this it! the result of tangerine flare pants and my red blazer tadaaaa.... :D

and also my mom made this homemade soup cream! sorry if the food doesn't look so yummy in this picture but my mom is a really good chef i think, the taste of this soup was soooooooooo delicious! yuuumm... :9

red blazer - gifted 
navy blue blouse - thrifted
tangerine pleated flare pants - Cloche Cloche
platform shoes - online shop

P.S: i'm writing a tips for you sneakers lovers, the tips is "How To Gain Your Style with Sneakers" check out on GogirlMagazine website here

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

colorful life

trying my colorful vintage blouse got it from thrift store (yes i am a big fan of thrift store), i love this top because it looks like batik pattern and also the color are unusual and unique.. loving this so much and will wear this for casual time.. :)

anyway got this loafer shoes from online shop, and i got this for only IDR 40 K very cheap huh? well i know because it used goods so the quality of that shoes was not so good.. but it doesn't matter! haha cause i can fix it with artisan shoe sole (is this true? i don't know what is the translation of  "tukang sol sepatu" and i used google translate and the result is this) or indonesian people called them "tukang sol sepatu" they mean a lot for our shoes  we can pay it more cheap than fix it in the mall right? hehe :p

colorful vintage top - thrift store
grey jegging - Pasar Baru Bandung
vintage brown bag - online shop
loafers shoes - online shop

Monday, June 20, 2011

Labs Project 2011

went to Labs Project 2011 an event every once a year from Labschool Rawamangun Jakarta, and it was awesome! well i came with my boyf S <3 and my boyfriend's band manager also meet my schoolmates. This event was a big event, a lot of people was came to this event, i mean it! really really a lot of people!

the crowd was sick! 
me and S <3

my boyfriend's band manager and S 
me! haha
went into there cause i want to watch my favorite band called THE S.I.G.I.T (The Super Insurgent Group Of  Intemperance Talent) cool name huh?  and of course they have cool songs! indie band always have a better concept thank commercial band in indonesia, well i don't intend to offend or insult's the commercial band, but i think indie band always have a better concept from them, maybe the commercial band must do their job from what people and company want. that is my opinion, no offense to commercial band, really i  just talk what i think about it :)

Rekti THE SIGIT my new role model haha

by the way labspro (that's what people called that event) showed a fashion show by Forever 21 and Bershka here's the picture.. sorry for blurring picture, the models moved so quickly -___-"

this is my look for that day! being casual not so vintage i think :p 

striped top and blue jeans outerwear - thrift store
grey jeggings - Pasar Baru Bandung
accessories - Bloop Endorse
mulberry replica bag - online shop
converse shoes - online shop

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Featured : winner Fashion Tag Of The Week by Gogirl! Magz

a few days ago i was elected for fashion tag of the week by Gogirl Magazine yayness... :D :D 
i can't believe it because you know this fashion tag category on Gogirl Magazine website was so hard and so many fashionista and stylish girl were uploading their photo in here and compete with me.. and i was shock and surprised when Gogirl pick me for this week a few days ago.. hopefully i can be a Fashion Tag Of The Month and win their prizes amiin.. wish me luck guys :D :D

this is my outfit for the fashion tag of the week, right on this post

Friday, June 17, 2011

lace in red love

sorry i'm out of town from 10th until 14th June, i went to my father's childhood town, it is Madiun.. after all these years i rarely been there, now i can went there again.. i went there with my mom and my aunts from my father's family, because my aunts have an appointment with her old friend on high school and my mother has invited to my father's friend wedding (not his wedding but his son's wedding) well i wanted to be there too for my holiday hehe.. 

and after so many years ago i only remembered a few memories of my grandmother's house, when i was there i remembered a lot! hahaha.. 

my parent's wedding :D

my aunt and my mom when my father's friend son wedding
and also i have tried so many traditional food and drink from there, i've tried pecel madiun, satay ponorogo (satay ponorogo is made from chicken meat), dawet ice,  and many more. i'm so sorry i only post this satay ponorogo photos and dawet ice.. but it's look like so yummy! and i want to eat sate ponorogo again hehe..

by the way i post this outfit wearing this black lace blouse from flea market, yeah i dunno why i'm so in love with lace thing haha.. and i borrowed this hermes replica bag from my sister, i'm not saying this is the real hermes bag, you know it was the fake one but also with good quality. i just want you to know that i'm not a fake people said that it was a original bag but the truth is that bag was a fake.. 

grey bowler hat - unbranded
lace black blouse, vintage belt - thrift store
creamy pleated short - Chocochips boutique
red bag - borrow from my sister
lola boots - June + Julia