Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Garage Sale

hello guys how's your day today? is it good? i bet it is good and fine :) 
well two days ago it is Saturday 28th may, remember on previous post that i told you about my first selling my stuff in one of my friend garage sale, well i think it was super fine, not so damn good but it was fine :)
well it is my first experience to selling to public and i think it was a very warm welcome.. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah.. :")

i promise i will be more good in selling at bazaar, garage sale, even on internet.. i will focus with my store hopefully my store will be success amiiin.. :)

below these are my booth picture on that garage sale :D :D 

anyway got a pleated skirt from thrift store, i love pleated skirt because it is so vintage and chic! you can pair it with anything! super stylish item ;) 
and did you notice some of my post i always wore my wimo mary jane shoes? yes i love this shoes so much it is match with anything and of course it so vintage :D
oh on Sunday i went to Jakarta Gems Center at Jatinegara, in front of Jatinegara Train Station and i buy some accessories from there, well i'm not a big fan of accessories but i think an outfit without accessories will be plain and flat.. so i buy statement rings and bracelets with affordable price yeaay! you must go there if you want to hunting a cute accessories :D 

sky blue, knitted vest, and red pleated skirt - thrift store
bag - online shop
necklace - borrow from my sister 
rings and bracelet - gems center 
belt - unbranded
socks - sox gallery 
mary jane brown heels - wimo (from Centro Dept. Store)

Friday, May 27, 2011


hello there :) how's your day? fine or bad? well actually it almost weekend! time to relax from school or work right? well since i'm graduated from school i almost spent all of my time was at home, being lazy isn't good right? well i am a lazy girl i think, my bad habit actually, since i graduated from school my bed time became so chaotic, i almost online until 1 or 2 pm. well this is not good for my health -.-

i want to sleep earlier but my eyes do not want to close, then i prefer to go online, browsing or online shopping than sleeping earlier.. but i want to change to be better, you know for my health and being healthy person. but it was too hard, well i must trying again another time.. *wish me luck* :)

by the way today i've been so busy, preparing for my first time garage sale tomorrow!!! the event is called "Garden Garage Sale" the place is at Taman Radio Dalam no 6 Jakarta Selatan (in english Radio Dalam Garden number 6 South Jakarta) it's from 12 pm - till drop!!

as you know my store PHOSKINNY SHOP will be attend too, i will sell some of my clothes, vintage clothes, shoes, and bags start from IDR 25.000 until 200.000 really cheap right?
sooooooo be there guys~!! i will wait for you and buy some of my stuff :D
and of course you can talk to me about next collection hehe.. see you guys :D

by the way got package today from COTTON INK it's my peach gemma top yaaay! :D :D
i love this sleeveless shirt because the two tone color, front is peach and back is creme color plus 2 pocket on the bottom for the detail.. cute huh? :D


the best part! creme on the back :D

peach gemma top - cotton ink
polkadot dress worn as long outerwear - thrift store
highwaist jeans - thrift store
socks - sox galeri
brown clogs - muaya clothing

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

silver zebra

got a lot of packages from Muaya Clothing, Decadadia, and Wondershoe yaaay! 
from Muaya Clothing i bought new brown clogs (will post on the next post), from Decadadia i finally bought Eternatela Signature Dress which is i can make 30-40 style from this with my creativity, from Wondershoe finally my ribbon sateen silver flat shoes has arrived (never thought that it will come faster) so happy with these three things.. :D :D 

as you know i made this long vest from my eternatela dress with long time i guess haha.. it was difficult to match the button and made this looks like a long vest but tadaaaaaa i made it! :D
and also i bought this zebra trouser from thrift store, i'm so lucky that i found this item because it's very very stylish, edgy, also the cute! BEST BUY ITEM :D
ooh i forgot something this lace top is best buy item too, look it's very vintage and edgy :)

lace long sleeve top - thrift store
long vest (eternatela signature dress) - decadadia
zebra trouser - thrift store
ribbon flatshoes - wondershoe

Monday, May 23, 2011

keep rolling!

sorry for my late post, i want to post something but my store are getting busy! well i want to announce something to you guys, on May 28th 2011 i will sell some of my clothes and some of my clothing vintage store  in Garden Garage Sale at Radio Dalam Garden South Jakarta.. if you want to buy or just window shopping just come to my booth at Radio Dalam Garden and also there are so many cool store will be attended.. so mark your calendar on May 28th for Garden Garage Sale! please come come and meet me there people, i'm so glad if you come to my booth and we talk each other (and also don't forget to bring a lot of money to shop there and of course at my booth hehe) see you there guys.. i will wait for you guys :) 

abstract white blue top, red skirt - thrift store
belt and bracelet - unbranded
brown mary jane shoes - wimo

Sunday, May 15, 2011


hey guys i have a very very great news! i've already graduated from high school yeaaaay! one step has elapsed, and now i have to focus for my lecture later.. hopefully I can be successful in the future and could become a professional fashion photographer or a model maybe :p

These are some photos I took during my graduation ceremony.. i came with mother, so sad that my father could not see my graduation but I know he would be proud for me in heaven.. i love you father and of course my mother too, i love both of you, i am officially graduated mom dad :") you guys should be proud of me yaaaay :D :D 

with all my friends :) i'm gonna miss you guys!

me and my mother :) 
sorry for my late post, these are some photos about my daily wear.. enjoy guys! :D :D

i love this boots so much!! i get it from online shop only IDR 70.000 so happy! best buy!

white shirt - borrow from my sister
short jeans - unbranded
cardigan - Cotton Ink 
boots - online shop 

Friday, May 13, 2011


i don't know why, but i think all people are being nice and kind in this month because they are making a giveaway thing for other people.. now i just post one of the giveaway which I join it... it is from shoezisme! the giveaway is about to win two pair of our favorite shoes from shoezisme! excited right? hehehe..

this is my favorite shoes from shoezisme.. it is AH-MAZING all the time wedges :D :D

why i love this shoes, it because the design looks like Fendi shoes for Spring Summer 2011 see the picture below this.. it looks the same right? i want this shoes but i know if i buy it via online i know the shipping cost will be expensive and i know the shoes not so cheap to buy.. so saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad :"(
but now i don't need to be sad anymore because shoezisme been realizing my wishes.. they make a shoe look similar to fendi shoes. now I AM HAPPY :D :D :D

my second favorite shoes from shoezisme are Candy Munching Heels! i don't know why i like these shoes, i just like the design, so stylish and necessary! love the studded and the sole so much. looked so comfortable to wear.. want these shoes very baaaaaaaaaaaaad... 

hopefully i can win the giveaway contes! wish me luck guys!! *praying* *fingercrossed*

Monday, May 9, 2011

PARAMORE and i am a parawhore!!!

yesterday i went to Thamrin City to queue Paramore Concert ticket and it was a blast guys! there are so many people queuing to get the tickets i wonder there is a thousand people are queuing (am i overact?). but lucky me i am one of the member of @paramoreINA so i can get the ticket faster.

after i went to Thamrin City S pick me up at Seven Eleven Grand Indonesia, then we came to Bloop Endorse at Tebet you know that store right? i'm searching for Widy Vierra T-Shirt Series also called WIDIKIDIW SERIES and i got it! (i will wear it for the next post) then both of us went to Sushi-Ya yeaaaayy! so happy after a loooooooong time ago  i never eat sushi with S again, and S want to eat Sushi so i brought him here :D :D it was a happy day! yaay...

i am sorry for the bad quality of the photos, i only brought my digital camera :)

stripe long sleeve - thrifted
comic cardigan - Riotous!
jeans - unbranded
white oxford shoes - gaudi