Thursday, April 21, 2011

let me a coat please

hello guys how are you today? well i'm back again after the looooooong time i never post for 2 weeks because the national exam and i must preparing for the exam so sorry about that, but i think no body miss me hehe.. well, now i'm definitely freeeeeeeee yayness.. :) i've been waiting for this for a loooooooooong time and now a very very long holiday is coming y'all! yaaaay! really really happy today... :D

oh i must forgot, this week i've been shopped on decadadia a brand by ka bethanny putri, you know her right? she is one of my inspiration too and she is a famous blogger from afternoonteaandlivingroom in indonesia, adore her style so much, her blog and also her store! yes her store! her store is decadadia, and i've just shopped a very wearable, stylish, and comfy coat! also this coat sale with affordable price and very worth it to buy! visit her store here 

and i received my wedges from retail therapy! i really really deep in love with this nude wedges, very comfy, very light, and they are made from wooden! :D 
also retail therapy have a cool collection of clothes and shoes! you can order their shoes collection even they're sold out. visit retail therapy in here 

my family trees! actually i just have 2 sisters, but one of my sister have 2 photos above this.
this is me! very cute huh? :p wonder why i have a thin body now but when i was a baby i have a fat body :[

misty grey coat - decadadia
white shirt - thrifted
brown suspender short - Dorothy Shop
nude wedges - Retail Therapy

Monday, April 11, 2011

sweet as milk

hello guys! i am so sorry for late post because i've got hard fever until i haven't so much energy to update my blog and i've been so busy for preparing my national exam. it will be held on a week to go!! so i want to say i'm not gonna post anything to my blog for 2 weeks because i must preparing for the national exam this week and next week i will do my national exam... sooooo wish me luck guys! hopefully i can pass the exam amiiin.... :)
by the way i just received a package from Dhievine by Dhika, it's a milky short.. i'm in love with the color and the design! oooh and i recommend you to buy some others cool and sweet stuff from them, all of them are handmade guys! and it's from local designer called Dhika :) 

vintage shirt - Pasar Senen
milky highwaist short - Dhievine by Dhika
UP shoes - UP