Thursday, March 31, 2011

Featured : In UP website!

i'm featured in UP website wearing their stella red shoes! yaaaayy... :)

me in the middle of two photos hehe.. :D

vintage shopping!


+ email me with format : 

Address --> with City and Post Code
Your Order

+ we will reply as soon as possible to text you our bank account (BCA/Mandiri) for your method payment

+ booking only 2x24 hours 

+ feel free to ask more question and bargain

P.S : only for local buyers in indonesian country and all of the stuff not include shipping cost

Blue Flower Blouse 
IDR 40.000
all size
Polkadot Blouse
IDR 45.000
all size

Flower Blazz
IDR 50.000
fit to small L

Flower Blouse 2
IDR 40.000
all size

Mustard Skirt
IDR 30.000
fit to M 

SeaBlue Blouse
IDR 45.000
all size

Brownie Cropped Blazer
IDR 75.000
fit to M 

Orangen Cropped Blazer
White Golden Blouse
IDR 45.000
all size

Monday, March 28, 2011

Cherry Bomb!

hello guys i want to share about the last movie i've just watched yesterday! THE RUNAWAYS movie starred by dakota fanning as cherie currie and kristen stewart as joan jett. the movie was so cool! i love cherie and joan style! they are so really cool! and i think the movie was cool too but some scene are too raunchy to watch, i recommend for 18 years above to watch this...
i don't want to tell you about the synopsis, but the core of this movie is about how this band could be formed, this band was formed by joan jett who wanted to make rock n roll band with personnel who are all girls. i won't to continue the synopsis, just watch this movie then you will know the story! hehehe... :)

ooh and i think the director of this movie was awesome, she pick kristen stewart and dakota fanning as joan jett and cherie currie when they are young! they look like the same person when joan and cherie was teenagers.. this is the picture of the look like joan jett and cherie currie..

left: real joan jett and cherie curri when they're performed right: dakota and kristen at the runaways movie

left: real joan jett  right: kristen stewart as joan jett on the runaways movie

cheri currie 

left : real cherie currie right: dakota fanning as cheri currie on the runaways movie

below this: the look that i adore!

The Runaways: Live in Japan album

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Red UP!

hello there :) how are you guys? do you have a nice wednesday? well i have, today my school exams have been finished yaaay!!! :D very very happy!! now i just want to relax a little bit then prepare for school again for national exam fuiiih.. maybe for next month i will not always posting my look for my blog because i will be soooooo busy.. so sorry for that, i promise after national exam i will always post my daily look! you have my word on it okeee hehehe... :)

oh you know what a few days ago i just received another shoes package from iwearUP, yes my ordered stella red has arrived at my house yaaay again! haha :D 
this shoes are very very veryyyyyyy comfy to wear, very wearable too, and so light! you don't have to worry  because the heavy shoes, i remind you this shoes are very light! and now i have boater hat with affordable price yaay (this one is another package that i've received too) 

red polkadot dress (worn as top) and high waist blue jeans - thrifted shop
boater hat - unbranded
shoes (red stella) - UP 

I LOVE IWEARUP SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! *lot of hugs and kisses* :****

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gaga for i-D magazine

you know Lady Gaga? of course you know, who doesn't know about Lady Gaga, she is cool, weird, freak, edgy, and bold for bringing something different style. she doesn't care what people say about her, she just doing her own style and not always follow the trend.. well i post about her which is she has been photographed for i-D magazine. and you know what she's soooooo coool in that magazine! check it out..

Photographed by Mariano Vivanco taken from fashiongonerogue

P.S : i am so sorry if my english not so good so far, i'm still a student so i'm still learning about english lesson and sometimes i little bit confuse to use the right grammar.. :")

Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Don't matter what people say about you, if they provide you any comments or criticism don't let it down yourself, but let that be your motivation and inspiration"

~Jessica Paramartha~ 

Blogger Yard Sale part 6 MUST COME!

this friday and saturday will be held Blogger Yard Sale part 6 at f(X) Mazee! i must come! they're always sell cute, edgy, new or secondhand stuff with affordable price. but i will come only this saturday because friday i'm not going because i'm school hhh *sigh*...
well don't ever miss this event guys!


want to buy them? just click here to shop

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

purple play

today is the first day i've been doing my school exam and it was so easy at first but difficult at second lesson which is religious lesson. but i'm doing my best and wish me luck for 2 weeks i'm gonna do other school exam.. and i just agreed with the quote that i post a couple hour ago..

leather jacket and lace legging - unbranded
purple top - mr.freddy
abstract skirt - thrifted shop
purple shoes - vnc