Saturday, February 19, 2011

coco girrafe

just receive a package from thrift online shop, they sell some thrift stuffs... and i just bought this shirt (below this), took some photos from the shirt hehe... ooh and i was spent my time to walking around the mall with my mom, my sister and my sister's boyfriend.. 

and just bought a new glasses from the mall hehe.. the shape is cute! 

shirt - thrift shop
maxi skirt, red glasses and belt - unbranded
sandals - vnc

Thursday, February 17, 2011

how about heels clogs

i've been searching about shoes and i found these collections from topshop! and i think it's soooo 2011.. because any magazine i found, they writes about trend which of will be huge in 2011: they are neutral color especially camel color with a little vintage touch :D

and these are the collections..

oh and two shoes below this are from jeffrey campbell collections

i want it all of those collections! want it soooo badly... wanna buy me a pair one? hehe.. :p 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

preppy cool!

new collection from Marc Jacobs for Fall 2011 and the collections name is Marc.. i think the collections is about preppy again but still cool! let's take a look for the collections.. :)

the collections of the above are my favorite and i adore it so much! want to steal their style haha.. :D

is that blue or a greener?

today my school was so boring, i must doing my practice exam about speaking in germany and must memorize religion recitation.. and thank's God i pass the exam fluently :)) how happy i am! hihi
and now i'm taking photos of my daily wear again and interspersed with photography shoot hehehe...
these the pictures of my daily wear

bowler hat - unbranded
knitted sweater - secondhand
bodycon skirt - mr.freddy
lola boot - juneandjulia

and below these are some my photography shoot using my dslr and my photography skill hehe :p

taken from my mommy's garden she always keep her plant carefully and loves her plant so much :))

Monday, February 14, 2011

shoes shoes love love

i see these shoes and i die to buy these shoes from UP and juneandjulia!!

i want it so badly, mind to buy me a new one guys? hehe.. :p

lola boots grey suede from juneandjulia 
febrina heels black leather from juneandjulia
febrina heels suede from juneandjulia 
and these shoes are from UP, yes the owner is ka dianarikasari :)


sorry for late post! i have been so busy with my school things, many things to do for my graduate especially practice exam, school exam, and national exam! and i can't take some photos of my daily wear so sorry because i was sooooo busy... *sigh*

anyway i want to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY everyone! this month is full of LOVE you know that huh?
all the things become love and heart things... like this one..

i'm so died when i see this picture, there is a lot of vintage cameras!!!! want it all sooo badly *envy*

and this cute candy made by someone looks like a camera

so cute huh? 

i want to share another photoshoot from Irina Lazareanu (you know that i always love her style and her photoshoot)

i adore this picture so much!!