Saturday, September 4, 2010

mary kate olsen cool picture

this is some pictures about mary kate olsen... well i prefer like ashley than MK why...?
i don't know why i like ashley than MK, i think ashley is more cute and gorgeous than MK. but MK is gorgeous too, and she prove with these all pictures..

the gorgeous look from MK...

one of my favorite

one of my favorite

she looks so gorgeous in this photo shoot

looking so cute in this photo and she is so beautiful

next time i will post about ashley...

Friday, September 3, 2010


i got some a new post in lookbook, so if you like it just hyped

this is some picture i took just same like the look

it's fall season

it's fall season coming right now.. and all the fashion item going with winter top but the bottom still summer look.. let see what will trending in this fall season....

Michelle Trachtenberg
A ditzy floral print jumper, sunglasses, and beige platform sandals.

knit long coat, basic grey shirt, red short, gladiator heels + white socks

polkadot sleeve shirt, brown harem pants, ankle shoes

denim shirt, midi khakis skirt, gladiator heels w/ grey socks,
don't forget to wearing belt on your skirt it make your hips become visible and will get a chic look

stripes shirt, highwaist corduroy short w/ belt, gladiator heels w/ socks

Thursday, September 2, 2010

new oxford shoes!!!

i got some oxford shoes! yeeey! i was bought the oxford shoes from MAGGIE SHOP

can't wait to wear them and post some new look with wearing both of them.... :))

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

i want that filter fish eye

gue lg iseng iseng liat foto foto hasil lensa fish eye dan emang bagus bagus banget!!! so envy!!!
i feel i want that fish eye lens quickly! but i realize that is too expensive and i don't have enough money to buy that.

tapi gue mencari tau apa ada cara lain bisa foto fish eye tanpa harus beli lensanya, dan ternyata gue menemukan solusinya! hanya dengan filter fish eye gue juga bs foto dengan efek fish eye! oh god such a miracle that come!

ternyata ada orang yg jual fish eye filter di KASKUS trus gue liat tuh hasil hasil fotonya dan ternyata keren keren juga apalagi buat band!

cool huh! yes it so cool and i want it so much!

filternya cuma di jual dengan harga Rp 375.000 murah kaaaaan dibawah 500 ribu!!
yaudah gue langsung hubungin cpnya dan pesen barang itu. dan untungnya barangnya cocok sama kamera gue canon 450 D dengan diameter 58 mm WOOOOHOOO!! senengnya minta ampuuun gue. akhirnya bisa foto dengan efek fish eye tanpa harus ngeluarin kocek yg mahal hehe :))

if you wanna buy just click this link filter fish eye

i got my new look

i took some picture of my look check it out! :)

grey jumpsuit unbranded store; grey stripped cardigans bonnyfuschiashop; necklace and belts unbranded; charles and keith sandals