Tuesday, December 14, 2010


this friday will be an event from fashionista bloggers in our country but only in jakarta city. i'm saving my money to shop at there. can't wait to come and see their booth haha... and the bloggers who will sell their collection are...

you can look this post on ka dianarikasari blog..see you there guys maybe will be meet at there :)

simply reddish

soooo this is another look from my favorite red fedora hat...

top - gaudi
belt, hat and stocking - unbranded
studded shoes - VNC

Monday, December 13, 2010

flowery days!

about my new look from me with the new red fedora hat hehehehe...

jumpsuit - unbranded (got from online shop)
stocking - unbranded
shoes - wimo
red fedora hat - unbranded

*p.s: i bought this shoes from vnc got discount 50% off i'm so glad to have it!

crazy days

hey i'm so sorry for late post well i will tell you about a few days ago start from last tuesday

tuesday 7/12/ 2010 : i went to senayan city and centro, well i bought some a new stuff from there. a cool shoes that i want it soooooo badly and centro has a discount until 70% *only selected items! wow! i've been so lucky to been there. but my new shoes isn't discount. but it's not a problem the important thing i have shoes that i want it so much! hahaha.. :D
this is some a picture of my new shoes *don't be envy guys..

after i went to the centro i just got a call from my sister and my mom, she wanted me to j.co and i bought this...

soooo yummy! :9

that's me haha.. ate that donat with so greedy :p but it's so yuuummyyy :9

ooh and last saturday night i went to mega bekasi mall to shopped some new stuffs from there and i shopped a lot and damn i lost my money for nothing *sigh*
when i shopped there's so many a cool stuff that i wanted so much but i know it's just waste my money and i can't control it.. poor me.. (anyone can help me with this syndrom)

yeah i bought this red fedora hat from there.. cool huh! hehehe.. :p

Saturday, December 4, 2010

another saturday night

hello peeps.. where did you last night? i think you have a good time with your family or your boyfriend/girlfriend or your friends is that right? haha..
well i have some a good time with okta and my band H1N1, firstly i went to grand cakung and took some photoshoot from H1N1, their performed so AWESOME last night! so crowded in there let see the photo shoot...

the audience are waiting our perform

so crowded in there

the bassist and the lead guitarist

secondly i went to jakcloth 2010 at plaza tenggara senayan with okta, wow there so crowded!

look what i bought at there

i bought that stuff is from PREMIUM NATION booth

ooh and i just have some new silly bandz series that is halloween series and rockbandz series..

now i wear a lot of silly bandz.. :p

Friday, December 3, 2010


hey all i just want to share the inspiring model and one of my favorite models.. yeah it is IRINA LAZAREANU, she was born in Romania 8 June 1982 now she's turn 28 years old (shock she still have a good body yeah i'm so envy) there are some photos of her, i think she just took some photoshoot for Metal Magazine..

i think she has got some new hair style, do you think it's cool or not? i think it's cool!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

come back (again)

Hellooooooooooo people I'm back again after final exams have been killing me for a week! now I've finished working on the final exam and it is time to relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax yeeey yippieeeeeeeeee ..... and alhamdulillah my mother's red car has been sold yeeeeeeeeey ...so I have money to shop, wanna know what i spend ? this is what i spend most of goods

i bought these shoes from this UP is dianarikasari shoe store. she is the owner

i bought this short from Owletie shop in facebook got sale 15% off

the shoes from UP store is totally awesome and cool! check the webstore now just click here or click the image below

Monday, November 15, 2010

gigs from my band

hey i'm sorry that i never post my blog again since 2 months ago, i've been so busy with my school like the exercise, the exam, tryouts . now i will post something about my photographs, taken from my photoshoot band... my band name is Crime Of Violence, this band has been around since one years ago but i'm not one of the members of the band, i'm just the photographer of the band.
well this is the photoshoot i've been take from the gigs

so many people moshing and respect for my band

it is me who sleep in my boyfriend's shoulder hehe..
if you want to know more about my band just click here and contact me if you want to booking my band for your gigs thanks... ;)